Who We Are

With 4 generations of agribusiness experience, BWF Banducci, Inc. meets the needs of growers who rely on our high-quality listed organic fertilizer products sold around the world. Our employees have years of family farming and organics experience expanding across the U.S. and Mexico, where we have seen tremendous growth and success with crops grown in a more natural state, without chemical fertilizers.

In searching for organic inputs using repurposed materials from fish meal processes, along with the meal itself, we have perfected and refined the manufacturing process for creating organic fertilizers that can be used by home garden enthusiasts and professional growers alike to provide their crops with the NOP Listed Organic nutrients needed for maximum growth. 

Meeting a Growing Demand

Our award-winning products continue to serve our customers both in home and garden, and agricultural industries. As the demand for organic products continues to grow, our customer base also continues to grow from small- to large-scale growers, to home gardeners, to agriculture companies. Our plants ship 5,000-gallon tanker trucks and totes in 275-335 gallons of fertilizer regularly. Our unique formulation process allows our quality fertilizers to be blended easily with other formulations.

Delivering Value

BWF Banducci Inc. recognizes the value of natural organic fertilizers and inputs and strives to deliver quality daily to our customers. Our products are thoroughly vetted and 100% guaranteed through analysis, allowing us to deliver a variety of USDA/NOP non-GMO products that are OMRI listed.


  • Liquid and Dry Organic Listed Fertilizers
  • Blending Capabilities
  • Mixes
  • Ranch Deliveries
  • On and Offsite Storage Tanks
  • Trucking

Growing Organically

We source our pelagic fish-based protein naturally, harvesting in oceans around the globe. We carefully process this backbone of our product through fine screenings to ensure quality and purity. By undergoing rigorous testing processes with third party inspectors with the State of California and Accredited Certifying Agents, we continue to market these products as USDA/NOP Organic

Growing Internationally

With customers both domestically and internationally, BWF Banducci, Inc. is well established in the large-scale farming market. With offices in Kern County, California, and Mazatlán, Mexico, growers around the world rely on our products to provide crops with high nitrogen value fertilizers that meet the rigorous testing standards required to be Listed Organic Material.

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